ENG – Update 2019/11

One year ago I presented results at a conference about gender at CERN, that removed my presentation.  When I posted details of my analysis to the preprint bulletin arXiv, arXiv blocked it.  I could only post my analysis on this web site (link)

My results have now been accepted for publication on Quantitative Science Studies after following the usual refereeing process.  The journal is accepting commentaries about the paper and data have been made public.  In this way, even those who spread fake news according to which the paper would be “flawed” can read it, check the data, and contribute with concrete scientific criticisms (unless “flawed” is just a politically correct word for telling “data do not confirm the ideology I must respect”).

I might now be the only speaker of the CERN conference that got results published, as well as the author of the only scientific publication that cannot be posted on arXiv.

Furthermore, I have been invited to present results at the Leiden workshop Gender Inequalities in Science – an interesting and productive event where sensitive topics could be freely debated.  Here (link) are my new slides.